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What Is Folliculitis and How Is It Treated?

Folliculitis is a skin condition where the follicle is inflammed due to some form of bacteria or infection. It can appear almost anywhere on the body but it usually appears on the legs, chest, or back. This is usually caused by a type of fungus such as Staphylococcus and there can be many different sources for obtaining the fungus. While some folks may think folliculitis comes about due to poor health or “being dirty” but this isn’t necessarily the case. Both unhealthy and very fit people can […]

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Scalp Acne Problems a How to Guide

Scalp acne, the mildest form of which is also known as scalp folliculitis, occurs more frequently than most people realize. Just about everyone knows what acne is and that it commonly breaks out on the face, chest, arms and on the back. But acne also appears on other parts of the body as well, and unless you’re someone with acne in one of these ‘other’ areas, you may not have realized this. Scalp acne and those similar to it, are often triggered during periods of great stress. […]

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Dry Skin Is No Picnic

Oh the itchiness, the flakiness, the tightness! Dry skin is no picnic. Dry skin doesn’t just come with the dry air of a cold winter, but any time of year. There are many contributing factors to dry skin. The main factor for this is that people are just too dehydrated. Water is essential for the body and for the skin. Flaky dry skin is a signal that your body is getting dehydrated and it’s time to fill up again. 8-10 glasses of water a day is needed […]

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